About Us

Chutts is Melbourne-based and independent. 

We have a love of vintage streetwear and film photography and have merged this love with years of experience in eyewear design. Each shape designed is unisex and is a tribute to the countercultures of the 1970''s through to the 1990's. 

We hope you love what we create.

The Chutts team xx

Lens Quality

To compliment each range, we develop lens tints that provide a nostalgic and cinematic experience while referencing the tones and depths of kodachromatic film photography. You'll see rich warm tones in the toffee lenses and cool, saturated tones pulled up from the slate-coloured lenses.

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We love to play in the contemporary space while continuing to draw inspiration from the fashions and revolutions of the mid-late 20th century.

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UV Protection

Our lenses protect you from UV and add depth and contrast to your view. Designed to be moulded and fitted to your unique shape.

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