Fit Adjustments

As each of us is unique, you may find the frames are a little too tight or a tad loose.

The frames are 100% acetate, they can be adjusted to fit your unique shape at home!

Follow the steps below to re-adjust.

  • Step 1.

    Fill jug or deep mug with 4 parts boiling water to 1 part cold water. (Deep enough to dip 3/4 of the arms of the eyewear into the water).

  • Step 2.

    Dip both sunglass arms 3/4 way into the water and hold for 15 seconds.

  • Step 3.

    Take out and bend sunglasses to shape.

    (for a looser fit, pull arms away from one another - hold for 15 seconds).
    (for a tighter fit, bend arms towards one another - hold for 15 seconds).

  • Step 4.

    Sit them down on a table to ensure both tips touch the surface. This will ensure the frame is not twisted.

  • Step 5.

    The end tips of the frames can also be adjusted as per above if they curve too sharply behind the head or if they don't curve enough.

  • Step 6.

    This can be repeated until desired fit is achieved. 

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Watch the videos below if needing more information.

Video 1

Video 2